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The 4GB Micro SD Card (Transflash) Microsd memory card with adapter. Built-in security features enable users to download, store, and play. Free Shipping

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High Speed 4GB Micro SD (Transflash) Replacement For Sandisk

MicroSD Memory Card (Sealed in the box)


Comes bundled with an SD Adapter for use with microSD or TransFlash cards. Built-in security features enable users to download, store, and play secure content just like an SD card.
Universal compatibility with TransFlashT memory card slots
  • Dimensions: 15mm x 11mm x 1mm(L x W x D)
  • Fast transfer rate for reliable copy/download/backup.
  • High storage capacity: 4GB.
  • on-volatile solid-state; no moving parts maximizes battery power. Data is not lost when power is turned off.
  • low battery consumption to maximize battery life in small portable devices.
  • ser selectable mechanical write protect switch on the exterior card casing.

    Compatibility list:

    Motorola V3x V360 E398 E360v V635 V710 A780 A840 E895 E770 C975 V975 C980 V980 A1000 E1000 V1000 A2010 V1050 V1150 E1060 E1120 SLVR V7 SLVR V8 ROKR E1
    Sagem My V-76 My X 6-2 MY S-7 SD 330
    Samsung A800 SCH-A950 SCH-A920 SGH-i550 D600 D730 D800 D820 E770 ZV30 Z500 Z700 ZM60 i300 P850 D510 X700 X800
    Orange M1000, M2000, M2500, M500, M5000, SPV, SPV E100, SPV E200, Treo 600, Treo 650
    O2 XDA, XDA Exec, XDA II, XDA IIi, XDA IIs, XDA Mini
    Nokia 6125 6233 6136 6131 6234 Qtek 2020i, 9000, 9090, S100, S110
4GB Sandisk Micro SD
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